Home Valuation Site: The Report

Your Home Valuation Site is a powerful tool that allows you to personalize and market yourself the way you want. Sharing your Home Valuation Site with as many people as you can is a great way to win new seller leads. The HVS is designed to create questions and drive homeowners to reach out to you to learn more. Learn how this tool can help you win more listings below!

Running the HVS report:

  1. From your home page, hover over Marketing Suite and select “Home Valuation Site


  1. Click anywhere on the image that displays “What is Your Home Worth


  1. It will open another tab and you can enter the address of the home here.


  1. Once you have entered the address it will run the HVS report and you will have a comprehensive overview of the property.


The HVS report provides much more than just “What’s Your Home Worth”. It gives insight into what buyers are searching for, as well as real-time market trends. It is a great way to pique the interest of homeowners who might be thinking about selling! Learn how to leverage this tool below.

Overview of the HVS Report:

  1. The report will load with basic information of the property, as well as your contact information. If they are the owner, they can select “I am the Owner” and verify their identity. If they would like to receive monthly updates on the property, they can fill in their contact information and select “Get Now”.


  1. There will be up to three Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) of the property. Remember, these are just computers. Remind homeowners that no one knows the value of a home like an agent. Use that to your advantage.


  1. If they would like to contact you, they can select “Contact [your name]”. This will prompt a drop-down menu for them to fill out their information. Once finished, select “Contact [your name]”


  1. Only the owner of the home can adjust the condition of the property. Select “I am the Owner” and you can verify your identity as the homeowner.


  1. The buyer heatmap shows where buyer activity is high or low in relation to the home, even filtering by price range and bedroom.


  1. The buyer funnel reflects all of the buyer activity in the last 90 days. The funnel starts with buyers in your brokerage and narrows down by school district, price range, and bedroom count, respectfully.


  1. This section of the report shows the number of featured buyers that are searching right now in the area. Additionally, there is another “Contact [your name]” button to increase your accessibility to homeowners.


  1. This shows the supply-side trends of homes in the same zip code. Hovering over a point on the graph will show you the specific number of homes sold during that time period.


  1. These are homes near the property that have sold in the last 18 months and within a 1.5mi radius, which can help determine the value of your home in current market conditions.


  1. More Call to Actions! Here is yet another place where homeowners can contact you, as well as sign up for monthly updates on the property.


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