Competitions Drive Success!

Real estate is a competitive field. As we embark on Home Valuation Week, competition is a great way for your agents to generate more leads. Below, we will detail the logistics of what you will need to know to moderate a competition.

  1. Promote Home Valuation Week
    • We have provided emails to send each day to your agents. This is also something important 
  2. Utilize the Resources on your Admin Dashboard
    • If you are an Office Manager, you will have access to an Admin Dashboard. The Admin Dashboard is a great way to track the activity of your agents. You can also use it to track each activity, including Valuation Attempts. Be sure to filter by Valuation Attempts during the time period of Home Valuation Week to get the most accurate numbers!2020-08-05_1512.png
  3. When you scroll to the bottom, you will even have a detailed list of the activity for specific agents!2020-08-05_1516.png
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