How to: Create a BMA

Bring the market with you to your listing presentation!  Show homeowners the demand side of the market and differentiate yourself from the competition with a Buyer Market Analysis (BMA). 

The BMA is regularly used as a supplement to a CMA.  Leverage it to provide the homeowner with unique insights into how many buyers are currently looking for a home just like theirs! 

Follow these quick steps to produce one today:

1.  Select BMA at the top of your dashboard: 


2.  Enter the address of the property that will be going on your listing presentation.
Address matches will appear as you type.  Select the full address once it appears & click Next Step:


**Please Note:  DO NOT LEAVE THE SCREEN!  After clicking 'Next Step', please wait while the next page loads.  As visible above, the wait-screen will look the same as the current view.  It may take 5-10 seconds to load while Percy collects all data related to the property and fills out BMA details.

3.  Verify / Edit property details, including Br/Ba counts, living area & lot sizes and property type:


Click 'Next' when done.  The BMA builder will take you to the next step: automated values.

4.  Select up to 3 AVMs (Automated Valuation Models), then include your own custom range: 


These 4 values (including your own range estimate) will display at the beginning the report. 
Select 'Next' when done entering your estimate and choosing your AVMs. 

Pro Tip 1:   Select the highest and lowest values + another of your choosing.  

Pro Tip 2:   Add your own custom range, even if you haven't toured the property yet! 
-- Explain how you came up with the range, such as recent sales, in your messaging to the homeowner.  Continue to explain that physically touring the property will allow your final estimate to be far more accurate than any of the 4 ranges (including your own) that appear.

5.  Select the price range in which you would like to show available featured buyers.  These are buyers that have been added to Percy by you, your colleagues or your brokerage.

Drag the slider to adjust to a higher or lower price range; which in turn will change the number of potential buyers that will match with the property:


**Please Note:
--  If you entered your own estimate for the range on the Values page -- this will be the range used to populate potential buyers. 
--  If you did not enter a custom valuation range on the Values page -- featured buyers will be pulled from the lowest of low-end ranges and highest of high-end ranges from selected AVMs.
--  Regardless of whether or not you enter a custom valuation, you can change the range for featured buyers.

6.  Once you have decided on a price range, select Generate PDF.


**Please Note:  The BMA will actually take up to 60 seconds to pull from all data sources available and populate the finished PDF Report.  Please be patient!

Click here to see the final version of the report built in the directions above!

That’s it!  In just a couple minutes you will have a custom BMA.  Bring it to your listing presentations and dominate the competition!  


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