Expired Listings: How to Win with Buyside

expired_listing_graphic_2.pngThe very first thing you should do after identifying an expired listing candidate is to run the Buyside BMA for that address!

Chances are that you are not the first agent to contact the homeowner. They have been contacted by many agents who are trying to sell themselves and their brokerage. Keep in mind, the homeowner just went through the process of listing and is impatient, they are not looking to be sold on you. Instead, they really only want to know two things from you:

  1. "What is the value of my home?"
  2. "Do you have buyers?"

That's all. So while you are mining for expired listing targets, run a BMA on the property and make sure that your brokerage has the potential buyers before you approach the homeowner! If your brokerage does have the matching potential buyers, add that piece of information to your script!

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