Talking to the BMA in a Listing Presentation

You are not alone on your presentation; you have the power of the market with you using Percy! Learn how to explain the Buyer Market Analysis to your seller clients below!

Real Time Valuations

There is likely to be a drastic valuation range ($100k to $500k+ depending on your market).  These are computer generated and pulling from public data. They don't know if there has been a recent remodel, upgrades, etc.  This is where your experience comes into play after viewing and listening to the sellers about their property.


Remember - you have the ability to remove the valuations from the report (or add your own range as a 4th).  So, if you do not want to include it, you do not have to!

The Heatmap

The Heatmap is like a weather map, the darkest areas are where the most activity is.  You understand your region better than anyone, including the seller, but this gives you the visual to tell them the story. 


In an active area? Great, potential for high demand! Outside a hot area? Let's focus on attracting those that have the demand but not the supply!

The Funnel

Read the description to the right of the funnel.  Show them the power of the market that you have behind you and the confidence that you have the potential buyers that are looking in your listing’s neighborhood, for their home configuration, in their ideal price range!


Featured Buyers

If there are matching Buyers for the property within your brokerage, they will be displayed here.  This is a huge differentiator.  You can show the homeowner that you have access to matching buyers for their property.  As soon as you get that signed exclusive, you can go back to the office and reach out to these Buyers' agents to see if they'd like to see the property!


Buyer Activity

How does their price match up to where the buyers are looking? Perhaps keeping the price under a certain level can open the listing to more potential buyers, leading to a bidding war.

Buyer Profiles and Recent Sales

Again, these are REAL buyers and sales that are active in their neighborhood in the last 90 days.  

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