What is on the BMA?

Want to differentiate yourself from the competition? The Buyer Market Analysis (BMA) is a short report that supplements your CMA and uses real-time buyer data to help you win more listings by answering two very important questions:

  1. How much is my home worth?
  2. And do you have buyers for it?

While the CMA looks at past sales to help you determine the price of a home, the BMA bridges the gap and provides you with insight into the current activity of the market.

The 6-page BMA is customized to you and your brokerage and will show homeowners a list of potential buyers that are looking for a home just like theirs.

Page 1: Introduction

The cover page includes the homeowner’s address, as well as your name and personal contact information. 



Page 2: Why List with Us

Customized to your brokerage, this page will list the unique benefits of listing a home with your brokerage.


Page 3: Pricing the Home

Because the BMA uses real-time buyer data, it is more accurate than the price estimates that homeowners have seen online, which are generated largely from historic public records data. They do not take into account specific features, upgrades, or the home’s condition. The BMA reflects what is going on in the market in real-time, giving you a competitive edge. 


Page 4: Buyer Demand in the Area

The BMA shows what buyers are looking for today, in real-time. The heat map operates similar to a weather map. The darker the color, the higher concentration of buyer activity. If we know that the home is located in an area of high or low demand, we can get the pricing just right.


Page 5: Buyer Activity Relative to the Home

The BMA also looks closely at buyer activity to understand how many potential buyers there are for the home. The buyer funnel shows us the amount of buyer activity, which includes listing views, saved searches, favorited properties, open house sign-ins, etc. As we move down the funnel, we can see how much activity there is relative to similar homes. These are individual activities, not individual buyers, but this information helps us gauge the level of interest for the home. 


Page 6: Possible Buyers for the Home

Finally, the BMA identifies a number of buyers who are potential match for the home. They are buyers who are looking for very similar homes and are actively engaged with your brokerage. You can reach out directly to their agents and notify them that you have a listing that meets their EXACT criteria, maybe even before it hits the market. The BMA not allows you to market the home for maximum exposure, but also gives you the ability to reach out directly to buyers that we know are a match.



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