The Monthly Report (EPW)

For an updated walk-through of the HVS Report's Monthly Update, please click here.

When a homeowner enters their address into your Home Valuation Site, they are asked if they would like to get a monthly report sent directly to them. This is a great way to provide value to your clients AND to keep YOU in the forefront of their mind every month!  EPW_1.png

You will be able to see who has requested one within the Seller Leads page in the app. The bonus is that you now have a verified homeowner and their contact info! EPW_2.png

But what does it look like from the homeowner’s point of view?

  • Monthly Report Email is sent from YOU.
  • Has call to action directing them to your home valuation site
  • Your contact information is included in the signature line.
  • Homeowner is able to unsubscribe simply by clicking the link at the bottom.

Sample Monthly report subscription email:



Sample monthly report email:




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