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Struggling to engage your friends and followers with your Home Valuation Site? We can help!

Top C-T-A's for Percy:

--  Discover your home’s value.

--  Do you know your home’s value?

--  What’s your home worth?

--  Looking to Sell? We have buyers.

--  Ready to sell? We have a match for you.

Discover your home’s value.

Thinking of selling your home and curious what the current value is? Want to track your investment in a recently purchased property? My home valuation site is a great starting point. Please visit <agent’s HVS URL> for a free estimate or contact me anytime for a more in-depth look. Let me put my expertise to work for you.

Do you know your home’s value?

I’d like to provide you with a free home estimate using my home valuation site. It compares three independent market values for your home and gives you access to the profiles of potential buyers in your area. If you are thinking of buying or selling, this is a great starting point. Please visit <agent’s home valuation site> or contact me anytime at <agent email> or <phone number>.

Sharing your Home Valuation Site on Social Media:

  • Would you like to know what your home is worth? Click below for an instant valuation.
  • Click here for instant access to a valuation of your home!
  • I am proud to introduce a complimentary home valuation tool. Please feel free to share with your friends.
  • Want to know what your home’s worth? Want to know what your neighbor’s home’s worth? How about your ex’s home? Click to get 3 FREE valuations INSTANTLY!
  • Which of these 3 Home Value Estimators is most accurate? Some say Zestimates. What do you think? Click to see 3 estimates for your home!
  • Thinking of selling your home? Just curious what it's worth? Find out instantly here.
  • Want to know what your home’s worth? Get 3 free valuations INSTANTLY!
  • Your house may be worth more than you think! How do I know? Check out this free valuation on YOUR home! Click here!”
  • Thinking of selling? I have buyers. #(your state) #(your city)
  • Now may be the perfect time for you to sell your home!
  • Interested in knowing your home’s value? Get 3 FREE estimates, and see buyers currently searching for a home similar…
  • Home inventories are down & home prices are going up, up, up. Do you want to know your home’s real value?
  • Pretty awesome little tool. You can check out what a home is worth even if you don't own it. Plug in the address…
  • Selling your home? Simply click the link below, enter your home address and discover the current buyer demand for your home.
  • By clicking the link below and finding the value of your home, you have the opportunity of connecting with a real estate agent to find out how many buyers are looking for a home just like yours.
  • Discover buyers that are searching for a house like yours today!! Click the link below.
  • Need to sell before you buy? Get a free home estimate and discover buyers that are currently searching for a home like yours today! Click the link below!
  • Get a Free Home Valuation Today! Click the link below.
  • I would like to share my new home valuation site with you. Can you take a moment to try it out? I would love your feedback.
  • Ask your friends to share and post for you. “Hey, check out my friend’s New Home Value Estimator. Its FREE and NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Click below!”

Sharing that you have Buyers on Social Media:

  • Thinking of selling? I have a Buyer looking near (your city)! Click to see if this describes your home.
  • If you are looking to #sell and #own a #property near#(your city), I have a Ready, Willing and Able Buyer looking for their next home. Contact me today!
  • Did I miss your property listing? I have a buyer searching for a (Bedroom count)/(Bathroom Count) in (City). Willing to spend up to (Max Price) If your thinking about selling and this buyer matches your home click the link below for more info!
  • (Bedroom Count/Bathroom Count) in (City) NEEDED! I have an extremely motivated buyer searching for their forever home! If your home matches my buyers interest please reach out to me! 

Tips for Twitter posts - be sure to include hashtags so you post is exposed to more viewers who are searching certain topics. Examples: #realestate #(yourcity) #(yourstate) #freevaluation #percy #homeseller #forsalebyowner #FSBO #wehavethebuyers  #realestate #home

Tips for sharing on Instagram - When sharing on Instagram, add your HVS link to your bio and direct viewers to “Click link in bio” at the end of your post. 

Sharing your Home Valuation Site on LinkedIn:

I’d like to share my Home Valuation Site with you! It delivers 3 estimates for your property instantly, no obligation. Please feel free to also share with your clients if you think it would be of value to them. Thank you!

Sharing your HVS via Email:

Subject: The #1 Home Value Site Online

Hi <clientname>,

Besides Zillow, there are numerous sites that give you an instant value of your home. There are also two other respected sites that I use frequently. In order to find out the #1 home valuation site online, I'm asking for your help to let me know which site, in your opinion, comes closest to your actual home value. Please let me know which one you think is MOST accurate.

Click below to get 3 Instant Home Values. Don't worry, you don't need to register to get the instant value!

 3 Instant Home Values on Any Home (no registration)


All the best, 

<your name>


Remember, these are just suggestions. Modify them to speak in your own voice and cater to your audience. 

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