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--  What Is Social Posting?
--  Why Put My Site In My Instagram Bio?
--  Pro Tip: Adding Multiple Links
--  Advertising to Instagram: Best Practices

What Is Social Posting?

Social Posting is the act of posting messages, usually in brief advertisement format, to various social media platforms. Frequent posting is critical to achieve success in our ever-growing digital world.

Percy provides quick links to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for your PercyHome site.  Share your home valuation services with your community on a regular basis to attract new leads. 

To get started, head to your Home Valuation Site in your Marketing Suite and click preview my site:


Take the URL and include it in

Why Put My Site In My Instagram Bio?

More than any other social media platform, Instagram is the place to market homes with pictures!

When someone visits your profile and sees a beautiful home, they may be curious about their own home’s value. Give them instant access and use the profile link to share your PercyHome Site, driving even more valuations!

Pro Tip: Adding Multiple Links:

Does your brokerage require you to list the corporate site in the designated Instagram Bio link? No worries! Try these tips:

  1. Type out the URL in the text Bio
  2. Use a link-in-bio service to create a menu of websites, all accessible from 1 link on your profile.  Sample link-menu services for Instagram Bios include:

Advertising to Instagram: Best Practices

Best Practice 1:  Make sure to direct your audience to the link in your bio under posts marketing your home valuation services.  Any time you ask your network about reviewing their home's value, end the post with a short note such as:  "head to the link in my bio to find 3 estimates on your home's value today!"

Best Practice 2:  If using service to host a menu of links -- Don't bury it in your list of links.  The home valuation tool is a great hook to capture your audience's attention, take them away from Instagram, and review your services further.

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