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--  What Is Social Posting?
--  Why Post to Facebook?
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--  Posting to Facebook: Best Practices

What Is Social Posting?

Social Posting is the act of posting messages, usually in brief advertisement format, to various social media platforms. Frequent posting is critical to achieve success in our ever-growing digital world.

Percy provides quick links to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for your PercyHome site.  Share your home valuation services with your community on a regular basis to attract new leads. 

To get started, head to your Home Valuation Site in your Marketing Suite, select Share on Social Media and choose Facebook:


Why Post to Facebook?

Facebook is the number 1 social media platform, claiming a staggering 2.96 active, monthly users.  More than any other social media platform, Facebook allows you to engage your community with community groups, local advertising, custom pages and more.

Samples: Facebook Posting:

Home estimates are on the rise! Has your home’s value changed? Find out for free & get 3 estimates, today!

Did you know: There were (X) online searches for homes in (state) the last 90 days. Curious about the buyer market in your zip code? Find out here!

*If you have ‘My Equity’ on your page:

Need to check into your Equity options? Want to see how much you might save if you paid a little more each month? Learn more for free and take control of your financial freedom, today!

Posting to Facebook: Best Practices

Best Practice 1:  Mix it up!  With the most active users, your community may be on Facebook often.  Stale messaging may turn away potential new clients!  Change up your phrasing post-to-post and ensure you don't give off the impression that you're copying & pasting without much thought being put into the post.

Best Practice 2:  Keep it impartial!  Be careful to avoid any personal views on politics, religion, or similarly divisive topics.  Instead, keep it inclusive and maintain focus on the one thing everyone has in common: property interests.

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