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--  What Is Social Posting?
--  Why Post to NextDoor?
--  Samples: NextDoor Posting 
--  Posting to NextDoor: Best Practices

What Is Social Posting?

Social Posting is the act of posting messages, usually in brief advertisement format, to various social media platforms. Frequent posting is critical to achieve success in our ever-growing digital world.

Percy provides quick links to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for your PercyHome site.  Share your home valuation services with your community on a regular basis to attract new leads. 

To get started, head to your Home Valuation Site in your Marketing Suite and click preview my site:


Take the URL and include it in posts to your community on NextDoor (


Why Post to NextDoor?

NextDoor is a geographically-based social media platform.  It ensures that any posts, polls, sales, events and more are all broadcasted specifically to your own community.  

When registering, NextDoor takes your address and tells you exactly how many people in your neighborhood or surrounding area are registered users.

Share your site and be seen as the trusted knowledge expert in town!

Samples: NextDoor Posting:

Hi neighbors!  Did you know?? 10 homes sold in the XX block recently!!  Enter your address to check out recent sales in the neighborhood.

*If you have Buyer Match:

Looking to sell your home?  I have buyers!  Enter your address to see if any buyer profiles are a match…and sell fast!

Posting to NextDoor: Best Practices

Best Practice 1:  Keep it friendly!  Remember:  this is YOUR neighborhood.  YOUR neighbors.  YOUR community.  Make sure to put out a good presence and avoid engaging in any back-and-forth banter in comment threads.  Make your post friendly, advertise that you are offering your neighbors a free service to ensure they feel comfort, and keep it straight-to-the-point.

Best Practice 2:  Mix it up!  NextDoor is admittedly a smaller community that other social media platforms.  Your neighbors and community peers might notice repeat messaging and either (a) report your account, or (b) stop paying attention altogether.  Make sure each message to your community is crafted with care.

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