Cheat Sheet: Automated Follow Up Sequences

What is it?

  • Put your expertise on autopilot. By implementing an informative and empowering series of communications for new leads that have expressed interest in a potential home sale or purchase, you are scaling your informed knowledge and also accelerating your pipeline with little lift on your end.

3 Ways to Implement Today

1. Set Up a lead capture form onsite:

    • This allows you to get leads into your funnel
    • Tip: Don’t get too complex, simply ask for their email for updates or ask them if they’d like to learn more.
    • Enter your automated follow up sequences so they can be nurtured and become educated to make a decision to use your services.

Where to start: Speak with whoever is managing your website, and see how you can implement a lead capture form. (I.e.

2. Create 4-5 email touches that empower them to understand the home buying or selling process, so when they’re ready, they only think of you. 

Where to start: Research best real estate email nurturing strategies from a source like or RISMedia for ideas.

3. Personalize, personalize, personalize: You’ve received an email with your name in the subject line. This is personalization. By doing so, you create a personal touch and relevance - resulting in direct action. It works.

Where to start: Most email marketing platforms allow you to inject a first name into a subject line, check out Mailchimp’s guide here.

The Benefits

  • Increase engagement and education across all of your digital properties. 
  • Deliver a consistent message and narrative to your audience so that they have already “checked the boxes” that they need to before enlisting your help. 
  • Scale your expertise by setting up your automations once, and letting the program run for you. 
  • Tailor the experience by putting your consumers down a predefined path that ultimately leads them to you. 

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