Admin Dashboard: Overview

Manager Dashboard Overview

The admin dashboard is a great resource to learn how your agents are engaging with our platform and their level of usage.

There are filters at the top of the data for you to select the time period and office that you would like to see.

  1. When you select “Select Office” a drop-down menu will display all of the offices in your brokerage. filter_offices_1.png
  2. Once you select the time period and office that you would like to see, select “Search”filters_2.png
  3. You can also choose how you would like to group your data: in days, weeks, or months.filters_3.png
  4. Activity Score: This is the total amount of online activity in your brokerage based on a point system. Certain activities are more points than others, so encourage your agents to go for the higher point activities! overview_-_activity_score.pngoverview_-_activity_score_breakdown.png
  5. Valuation Attempts: You will see three different graphs: valuation attempts, requests for monthly updates, and inquiries to contact agent, all of which are potential seller leads! overview_-_valuation_attempts.png
  6. Listings Added: Distinguished by color, this graph displays the total number of quiet, coming soon, and active listings that have been added by your brokerage. overview_-_listings_added.png
  7. Buyers Added: The first graph presents the total number of verified buyers and imported buyers added by your brokerage and the pie chart analyzes the buyers based on the number of stars. overview_-_buyers_added.png
  8. Agent to Agent Emails: Distinguished by buying or listing, this graph displays the total agent-to-agent emails sent or received in your brokerage. This is calculated by adding up the emails sent or received about a listing or a buyer.


  1. Logins: This graph displays the total amount of logins in your brokerage, so that you can gauge the engagement of your agents on the app. It is calculated by the amount of times an agent logs on to the platform.


  1. BMA: This graph displays the total number of BMAs run by your brokerage. This is an indicator of how many of your agents are utilizing this feature on their listing presentations!overview_-_bma.png

How to Generate a CSV:

  1. Select “Generate CSV”.generate_csv_1.png 
  2. Once “Generate CSV” changes to green, select “Download Data”. The report will then download directly to your computer!generate_csv_2.png 
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