How to add your HVS Signature to Mac Mail

If you are running into the issue of pasting your Home Valuation Site in your email signature in Mac Mail, please try the following.
Before we start, be sure to go to your Home Valuation Site and copy the URL to your site.

One you have the URL copied, head over to your Mac Mail.

  1.  In the upper left, click on Mail and then on top Preferences.

2.  From the pop up window, select Email Signature

3.  From there, you can enter what kind of Call To Action you would like.  In the image below, I copied and pasted our suggested call to action "What's Your Home Worth? Get three automated Estimates Instantly. No cost, and no obligation."
You can customize your Call To Action.  Once done, highlight the text and right click, scroll over link, and click on Add Link.

4.  In the pop up window, paste your Home Valuation Site URL and select OK.

5.  You are done.  The Call to Action will be linked with your Home Valuation Site URL.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Percy Support by email

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