I have Valuation Attempts, now what?

The great news is that Valuation Attempts are very warm LEADS! Here are some methods and scripts on how to follow up on a lead.

Valuation Attempts are leads who did not leave contact information, but left you some information to act on, the property address.  With this you can look up the property owner's name, email address and sometimes even their phone number!  Once you have this information you can determine your best course of action, call, email, or direct mail.

Here's a quick video on how to approach these leads:

What to say to a property owner?

Hi, neighbor!

I'm following up on a recent home valuation request for your property that I received on my website.  My home valuation reports contain important information regarding the potential value of your home as well as market data for the area.  I was wondering what you thought of the report and if you had any questions.

If you did not request this valuation, it is possible that a buyer might be interested in your home.  If you did inquire, then you can see that there are potentially [number of buyers] searching for a home like yours! As your neighborhood's real estate specialist, I would be happy to review the report with you and show you what this means for home values in our community.  Feel free to call or email me!

Your neighbor, 



My name is [your name] with [XYZ Realty].  I am reaching out to let you know that on (Date/Time) someone visited my website and ran a valuation of your property.  In fact, there were multiple valuation requests about your property.  I would love to share this information with you if you are interested!  If it was you that indeed ran the valuation and you are thinking of selling, I would love to help you!

If you have any questions, or would like to meet to discuss, here is my contact info...

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Want to take it to the next level?

Call and/or email the owner directly.

How do you call/email the owner?  There are many tools online where you can lookup the owner’s name, email address and even their phone number!  

Here are a few: 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Buyside Support either by the chat feature in the lower right hand corner, or email Support@Percy.ai!

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