Adding the QR Code to Emails

--  What Is The QR Code?
--  Why Put It on Postage-Based Letters?
--  Top Email Outreach Ideas
--  Email Outreach with QR Codes: Best Practices

What Is The QR Code?

QR Codes are scanners, much like barcodes for grocery items. Percy QR Codes are linked to your PercyHome Site. Smartphone owners can scan with their camera and be directed to your site.

To find the QR code associated with your site, head to your Marketing Suite.  Scroll down and find the QR Code tool, then download your personalized PercyHome QR code:


Try scanning the QR code produced above with your cell phone!  Open your camera app, hover over the QR code (below) and tap the URL that pops up when the code is recognized: 


Pro Tip:  You can re-size the QR code image and it should still work.  Test out your re-sized QR code before distributing it.

Why Put the QR Code on Emails?

Yes – QR codes are much more practical for hard-copy materials. However, including it on emails is a great way to boost your secondary marketing reach.

For Example One of your recipients pulls up your email at a soccer game. They love the valuation report and are giddy about sharing the site with nearby spectators. The QR code lets them share the site quickly and easily. Let fans market your site on your behalf!

Furthermore -- According to, as of 2023, 61% of people open email on their phone vs 24% via a web client (auto-read services) ...and only 5% on a desktop!!

Top Email Outreach Ideas:

  • Active Listings

  • Coming-Soon Listings

  • Local housing market updates

  • Neighborhood sales insights
  • Team updates

  • Community events

Additional Email Ideas:

  • Holiday greetings
  • Personal well-wishes
  • Basic PercyHome advertising

Email Outreach with QR Codes: Best Practices

Best Practice 1:  Add your QR code as a header image.  Placing the QR code front and center will make it easy to share when reading from a mobile device.

Best Practice 2:  If you prefer to leave it out of your header, include it in your signature, or as an email footer.  


Best Practice 3:  Regardless of where you add your QR code to email, test it out!  Send yourself a sample email with the QR code included and open it on your cell phone.  As a coworker (or anyone nearby) to try scanning it with their phone.


*Keep in mind:  The goal behind adding a QR code to email is to enable secondary outreach.  Make it easy on your fans to spread the news of your services!

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