How to Edit a Buyer Profile

-   Why: Edit Buyer Profiles
-   How to: Edit Buyer Profiles
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Why: Edit Buyer Profiles

There are primarily 2 reasons a buyer profile needs to be edited:

  1. If your buyer's needs change.
  2. If your brokerage has bulk-imported buyers and you need to add extra details to enhance their profile.

We highly recommend double-checking the entered details of a buyer profile after it has been added -- either by yourself, or by your brokerage -- to ensure everything looks accurate.

How to: Edit Buyer Profiles

1.   You can find the 'Edit Buyer Profile' screen via 3 options: clicking 'Update', clicking 'Edit Buyer', or clicking 'Edit Buyer Profile'.  They can be found in the Dashboard, 'My Buyers' tab and on the Buyer Profile itself, respectively: 

From the Dashboard: 


From the 'My Buyers' tab:


From the Buyer Profile:


2.   Update the profile with the new information. Then, scroll down and select “Update Buyer”.


How to: Edit Buyer Profiles 1-Pager (Click here to download)


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