How to Talk about Price Adjustments

Ever wonder how many buyers would be at your fingertips if your seller client would increase/decrease the price? Now you can SHOW your client using our “what-if” analysis!

  1. From your dashboard, select “My Listings” Screen_Recording_2023-03-31_at_02.20.16_PM.gif
  1. You will see the number of buyers matched with your listing. Select the address of a particular listing to get to the listing profile, which will give you a more comprehensive overview.
  1. From the listing profile, you will see a graph of matching buyers by target purchase price. Under the list price, select  What if I increased/decreased this?
  1. You can decrease or increase your list price and both the graph and list of matching buyers will update. You can see if the number of buyers has decreased, increased, or stayed the same for the new list price:
  1. Take this information back to your sellers and share your data-backed insight into the pricing approach!
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