How to Add a Quiet Listing

Quiet Listings are kept OFF of the MLS and are usually used for high-profile clients or clients who do not want the general public to know their home is for sale. Learn how to add a Quiet Listing to your listings below!

  1. From your dashboard, you can either select “Add Listing” or select the My Listings tab at the top. quiet_listing_.gif
  1. You will be prompted with two options: Add a Quiet Listing or Add a Coming Soon Listing. Select Quiet Listingquiet_listing_2.gif
  1. Select your street address visibility from the drop-down list and fill in the address, county, and school district of the listing.


  1. Select the features of the listing from the drop-down list. Make sure to fill out the required fields that are marked with an asterisk.features_4.png 
  1. Add the asking price and timeline for the property. Again, make sure to fill out the required fields, or your listing will not be added!pricing_5.png
  1. If you have images of the property, you can add them here if they are less than 5MB per picture. If not, you can select “Add Listingimages_and_add_listing_6.png

You will now see your listing among your other ones, under the My Listings tab.

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