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-   How to: Add Buyers
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Why: Add Buyers

If you have Match with Percy -- meaning you have the ability to add Buyers -- you should make sure they've been added to Percy.  Whether they get imported to Percy from your organization's CRM or you add them yourself, make sure they have been added as soon as you know their contact information.  Why?  Let Percy work for you. 

Adding a buyer allows you to:  

  1.  Share the inside scoop on 'Coming Soon' Listings and price reductions with them
  2.  Market their buying needs to other agents, 24/7
  3.  Populate a 'Featured Buyers' section on BMAs & HVS Reports. Show sellers you have buyers!
  4.  Match your Buyer with an ideal Listing in Percy that is owned by one of your peers. 

How to: Add a Buyer

1.  From either the dashboard or from the 'Add' tab, select 'Add Buyer'.

From the dashboard:


From the 'Add' tab:


2.  First, make sure your buyers are assigned to you:


This field will be auto-populated with your information when you manually add a buyer.

3.   In the Locations section, you must enter at least 1: desired city/zip code, school district, and if available, neighborhood.  The fields will start to populate potential matches as you type:


Pro Tip:  We HIGHLY encourage adding as many locations as you can (so long as they still align with the buyer's interests).  This will serve to benefit you when pulling up a BMA to pitch to potential sellers.  It can also allow new HVS site visitors to see that you have buyers available who match their property -- a powerful statement!  

4.   In the Features section, you MUST enter your buyer's desired number of bedrooms, bathrooms and property type (below):


Pro Tip:  We HIGHLY encourage adding as much information as possible.  The likes/dislikes can help expedite potential match conversations, while the comments will be made visible on their buyer profile for other agents to read.

5.   In the Financials section, you must enter several details: Qualification Status, Minimum Price, Maximum Price, Purchase By Date, & Type of Buyer:


Pro tip:  This is the MOST important section of the buyer profile!  Details of a Buyer's 'Financials' will affect the star ranking that you see in your list of buyers.  Buyers will lose a star if  (1.) They are not financially approved,  (2.) They are not ready to buy in the next 90 days, or  (3.) If they have a buying contingency (such as the need to sell their property first). 

If a buyer has more stars, they will be pushed to the top of your 'My Buyers' list.

5.   In the Buyer Details section, enter your buyer’s name, email address, and any other notes.
This information is only seen by you. It is there to help you keep track of your buyers.  


Percy will assign a BuyerID to your buyer so that their information stays confidential -- both on 'Featured Buyers' pages and on their buyer profile.

Buyer ID on a Buyer Profile:


Buyer ID's on a 'Featured Buyers' page:


The information is static.  The only thing your colleagues, HVS visitors or BMA report recipients will see is the ID number and the buyer's basic property desires.

6.   Scroll down and select 'Add Buyer':  


Your buyer is now added to Percy!  

Pro tip:  Head to their Buyer Profile once they've been added and see if any of your colleagues have available listings that match:


If you have matching Listings, contact the representing agent.  Choose to contact the agent for one listing, multiple listings, or all of them via the email tool on the right.

Adding a Buyer - 1-Pager (Click here to download)


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