How to: Find Buyers

-   Why: Find Buyers
-   How to: Find Buyers
-   How to: Print a BMA from a Buyer-Search Results Page
-   How to: Find Buyers 1-Pager

Why: Find Buyers

Buyers are searching properties every day and over 90% are searching with an agent. Find what buyers are looking for by any criteria, including location, price range, or bedroom count.

In the 'Find Buyers' page, you will be able to find Buyers who are actively seeking homes in your area. You can use this to identify high demand areas for new listings opportunities.

Additionally, if you have Listings entered into Percy, you can contact the Buyer's agent if they are a match!  Get in touch ASAP and sell fast!

How to: Find Buyers

1.   Hover over the Find tab in the menu at the top of the screen and select Find Buyers:


2.   Enter the zip code, city, school district, or neighborhood of the area where you are looking for buyers. You can also narrow your search further by adding desired bedrooms, bathrooms or price range. You can even filter on buyers with a certain number of stars. When finished, click Search:


3.   You can always click the Buyer ID to review information and potential Listing matches.  However, if you notice a buyer who matches a Listing you have available in the results, you can contact their agent right from the list!  Find the buyer in the list of results and click Contact Agent:


As you may have noticed, the above agent cannot actually email the buyer's agent.  This is by design.  If you do not have a Listing that matches the Buyer, you will not be able to contact their agent.  The same is true for the reverse -- if you have a buyer, other agents cannot contact you unless they have a listing that matches.

How to: Print a BMA from a Buyer-Search Results Page

The map is dynamic. It is a great way to learn how strong the demand is for certain areas or figure out what part of town is the best to prospect. Print a BMA directly from the page to review area statistics:


Enter an address within the area and note down compelling statistics or trends.

Pro tip:  We HIGHLY recommend printing a BMA for markets or areas you cover monthly.  Try to memorize at least one compelling statistic and note down any interesting month-over-month trends.  
For example:  Imagine a potential Seller asked you the inevitable question: "So, what's the buyer market like right now?"  Not only do you answer immediately, but you wow them with a statistic by responding: "Well, over the last 90 days alone there were almost 16 million activities taken online by buyers in Maryland."

How to: Find Buyers 1-Pager (Click here to download)



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