Distributing your Home Valuation Site

Social media and email marketing are the most powerful tools to get your name out there and generate leads. Buyside makes it easy for you to share your Home Valuation Site to social media and in email campaigns. Your Home Valuation Site is a powerful tool that allows you to personalize and market yourself the way you want. Learn the different ways to generate seller leads below!

Adding your home valuation to your email signature:

  1. Select “Email Signature Valuations Link
  2. Then follow the instructions in the screenshot below based on the type of email.

Sharing your HVS on social media:

  1. Select “Share on Social Media
  1. Choose which social media platform you would like to use. (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) 

Adding a widget to your website: 

  1. Select “Widget for Your Website”
  1. Follow the instructions and copy the widget code, then paste it within the website widget on your site.
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