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My Leads:

The My Leads dashboard is a collection of sellers that have been collected from various sources including your brokerage and leads generated through your Buyside Home Valuation Site (ePropertyWatch, Direct Contact, and Claim your Home).



  1. The Name/Email column provides you with the contact information for a seller lead. If someone does not leave their contact information, you will see this “I” for more information.
  2. The Owner Name column provides the name of the seller lead.
  3. The Address column not only provides the address of the lead, but also the confidence level. The confidence level indicates if this lead is actually the homeowner.
  4. The Last Report Activity column consists of three tags that display the lead’s last activity with date and time stamps.
  5. The Valuations column is a one of the three automatic valuations that we have for the property. To see the other valuations of the property, select the hyperlinked number.
  6. The Actions column is up to you. You can archive the lead, or you can create a BMA.

Out of Area:

This page looks similar to the My Leads dashboard, but these are the leads that are outside of the bandwidth of your brokerage.




Once you have reached out to a potential seller, you may want to archive the lead.

  1. From the My Leads dashboard, select “Archive” under the Actions column of the lead you would like to archive.


  1. This lead will then move to the Archived Valuations tab. If the client becomes a warm lead again or this was done in error, you can unarchive the lead by selecting “Unarchive”.


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