Percy Equity

Welcome to Percy Equity! This will show your clients how much equity they have in their home. They will be able to see things like the total equity, principal vs interest paid, and how you can use your equity! Check out the overview of the equity section of the HVS.


How to get to your Homes Equity

Please click here for an updated walk-through of Percy Equity.

  1. Go to your Home Valuation Page and type the address into the box. 


  2. Scroll to the middle of the page and look for My Equity.


Overview of My Equity

  1. Equity in your home. See how much equity you have in your home! 


  2. What you've paid so far. You can see the total amount you've paid so far. This will be shown as Principal Paid, and Interest Paid. 


  3. Sales Proceeds Calculator. If you are interested in selling your home and would like to know what your estimated proceeds would be!


  4. Using your Equity. If you've ever wondered what you can do with your equity, you can see it here! This lists out some of the possibilities you have for using your equity. 



Mortgage Ads

You can also put in your mortgage advertisements into your Home Valuation Sites. You can show off your local lenders to anyone looking to buy or sell their house. 

  1. These can be displayed on your Address Page for the HVS. 


  2. This will also show up on the bottom of your Home Valuation Site! 


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