I have Seller Leads, Now What?

The great news is that these are REAL TIME LEADS from people who want information AND have left their contact information!!!  

Congrats! Now let’s go through the info you will find here and how you may use it… my_leads.png

Some things you may want to pay attention to:

Timestamp under Address - It is important to follow up with these leads as soon as we can.  You are 7X more likely to land the lead if you follow up within an hour of the inquiry!

Best Practices

  • Before you call/contact the seller, educate yourself! Select the address link to see the report that the seller generated and run a BMA. Read the report so you can answer questions and explain the various parts of the report.
  • Possible Talk Track: “Hello Homeowner!  I see you ran a valuation of your home on (date) at (time) and requested some more information… When can we meet to discuss how I can help you?” Then LISTEN!
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