Why does my Listing have Zero Featured Buyers?


 What are Featured Buyers?

When you run a BMA or a lead enters their address on your Home Valuation site, one bit of data that really piques interest is Featured Buyers for the address in question.   

Out of all the Online Activity within the funnel, these are the ACTUAL buyers that may be a match for a potential home seller. No more "I have buyers..." that every agent or broker touts.

“But I do not see any Featured Buyers!”

If there are no potential matches for your listing, we will not show this section (better than having a section with "0" in the middle).  

There are two reasons there are zero matches:

  1. There are no matches for your listing based on the criteria of the listing and the buyers currently entered in the system.
  2. Your colleagues are slow to enter their buyers!

Now, there is not a whole lot you can do about option one, since you cannot magically change the configuration of a home! 

However, there IS something you can do with #2... 

  • Make sure YOU have added your buyers!
  • Ask your colleagues to add theirs!
  • Talk to your Office Manager (some have come up with great ways to motivate the whole office to add buyers!)
  • Add Buyers
  • Add Buyers
  • and ADD BUYERS!!

Everyone will benefit as those blank Featured buyers turn into a section with 10, 20, 30... inside it! The highest I have seen is 96, think you can beat it???


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