Where Did My Valuations Go?!

--  Where Did My Valuations Go?
--  How to: Find Valuation Attempts 1-pager

Where Did My Valuations Go?

Did you have 70 Valuations but now there are only a handful?

Not to worry!  The default view is 30 days.  Use the Date Filter at the top and adjust it accordingly:


As time goes by, older valuations will filter out of view.  Once you change the date range to the beginning of your time using Percy, you will be able to see them all!

Pro Tip:  If you have been using Percy (formerly Buyside) for some time, reach back out to past valuations to check in on their status.  Make sure you review the property's listing history first!


 If you believe that there are some that are still missing, please email support@getbuyside.com and we will be happy to help! 

How to: Find Valuation Attempts -- 1-pager 

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