Percy AI Launch Client FAQs


Q: Why a name change?

A: The market and the industry has evolved, and we have with it. The name “Buyside” stuck us in a corner and was confusing to many regarding what we do. It was time for us to pick something a bit more generic so we can continue to grow and service various verticals. 


Q: Why Percy?

A: Percy is my wife’s uncle, who was a retired university professor and also provided us with a seed investment helping to start our company.  In his honor we first named our Machine Learning Algorithm after him - and now our company.


Q: What is the timeline for the rollout?

A: We will announce Percy publicly on Monday, May 23rd. At that time, our website will change from to Initially this change will mainly be prominent in our new sales, marketing, and customer acquisition efforts, and less (if at all) recognizable to you, our existing partners, members, users, and clients. For clarity, this change will happen in two phases:

Phase 1 [May 2022] For New Sales & Marketing Efforts:   Our new branding will be used immediately for new customer acquisition efforts, as explaining “Buyside” has become confusing for some not familiar with us, especially as we’ve grown into the mortgage vertical.

Phase 2  [Q4 2022] For Existing Clients:  There will be no changes made at this time that will impact existing clients, along with their agents or loan officers. We will partner with our clients for the remainder of the year on a roll out plan *if* you would like to re-introduce Buyside as Percy. Since some of our clients do white-label with their own naming, this would not impact them. 


Q: Will the product change at all?

A: No- the product is the same product you have today. We have been and will be continuing to enhance & evolve the product- please reach out to your Account Manager to review any recent product enhancements. Clients will be kept up to date with release notes as we have been doing when new features & products are released.


Q: Will the Buyside logo be removed from the app or the valuation pages?

A: No, not at this time


Q: Will the product URLs change?

A: No, the Home Valuation Site URLs and the back end app URLs are not changing at this time. 


Q: Will the help center change at all?

A: Only the logo in the home page, which will say “Percy, formally Buyside”. We are keeping the Buyside branded help center and training materials for the time being.. Over time, training videos will be re-recorded as Percy. We’ll provide an update later in the year should there be any changes that could impact existing users. 


Q: Will anything change with our invoices?

A: Our invoicing process is not changing. We will change the logo beginning in June. The text in the invoices will still reference Buyside & through the end of the year to help eliminate confusion


Q: Will our contact person’s email change?

A: Beginning May 23rd, our staff’s email addresses will change to the domain. will continue to forward to the correct email address

Q: Any potential Spam issues for Monthly Reports after re-branding?

A: No, we are not making any changes to the product naming at this time

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