Where is my Listing?

Looking for your active listing that is on the MLS but it is nowhere to be found in Percy? Here are a couple tips to help get this resolved:

1.  Agent MLS ID Missing from Roster

We pull your listings based on the information we see about you within your Brokerage's roster. Please check to make sure that your Agent MLS ID is properly entered in the roster, and correct it if not! Note this can also impact how your listing appears on other real estate sites as well! A quick way to check is on your brokerage's website.  Is your listing on the site along with your name as the listing agent?

If everything is correct, it could be timing... the next tip:

2.  Timing

If you recently added your listing to the MLS, it can take 24 hours to appear within Percy. If you entered it into the MLS more than a day ago, please contact Percy Support and we will investigate!

If your listing checks out across all of those possible issues, please contact support through the Chat widget in the bottom right of the screen. Or email us at support@percy.ai.

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