Percy CMA FAQ 

Q: Is there an opportunity for the agents to add off market listings that have closed to comparable properties? 

A: Yes, when creating your CMA, you can add off market (or off MLS) listings during the Organize Listings step. Scroll to the bottom of the list of comps and click the “Add Listing” button.

Q: In Edge, agents had the opportunity to send a message to matching buyers twice: One initial outreach, and again if there was a price change on a property matching their search criteria. Can we do that in Percy? 

A: Yes, agents can send a message to the matching buyers’ agents through Percy twice: Once upon initial match of the property, and again if there is a price change of greater than 10%. Check our our help center article for a step-by step tutorial: Contacting Agents with Matching Buyers 

Q: Can you narrow down by school district using the search tool? 

A: No, but you can use your MLS system to filter and add the MLS numbers to “Exact

Listings”. This video shows Matrix integration, but the concept would be similar - search your MLS system, copy and paste listing numbers of the comps in the “Exact Listings” field on the first step of CMA creation.

Q: Are the matching buyers we see in Percy only working with other Elliman agents? 

A: Yes, our Find Buyers tool will match you with agents within Elliman with a matching 

buyer or listing 

Q: How do I pull Comparable properties if I belong to multiple MLSs? 

A:  In Cloud CMA, you can only pull comps for a report from one MLS at a time. To switch your MLS Provider, click on your avatar in the top right corner. Go to Account Settings > MLS Credentials. Choose your state, MLS Provider, and update your MLS User ID. 

You can also manually add comps not in your MLS (see Q. 1 above)

Q: How do I share the live CMA? 

A: Once your CMA is created, you can easily share the live CMA, PDF, or both. From the report card, click the ellipses to access the report options. You can either copy the link for the Live CMA or choose the “Email Report” option. 

Q: How do I add Testimonials to my CMA? 

A: Go to Account Settings>Integrations and add your email or username. Once this is done, you’ll be able to add the testimonial pages on the Customize step of creating your CMA


Q: Can I add my title to the CMA? 

A: Yes, you can change the “Designation Field” within account settings and drag and drop that field where you would like it to display on the CMA 

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