What are the Four Stars next to a Buyer?

We created the 4-star system to give agents a better idea of exactly how serious a potential Buyer Match is for a listing. 

The Four Stars Are:

  1. Qualification Status
  2. Purchase by Date
  3. Type of Buyer
  4. Represented by an Agent

As you can see in the image below, Qualification Status, Purchase by Date and Type of Buyer are all listed within the Financials section within a Buyer Profile. 


Any time you add a buyer (or it is entered into Buyside automatically), you will have the 1-star by default, since they are attached to you.

The Buyer Strength plus the Match Percentage will give you a good idea of the perfect potential match for your listing! 

The best practice would be to make sure you have the highest level of information in the system for each of your Buyers so that they will be even more attractive to your colleagues.


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