Utilizing your Facebook Business Page to Give your Home Valuation Site More Exposure

Most of us utilize Facebook Business Pages to promote our real estate practice and Buyside makes it easy to share to social media in the form of a post. But to take it a step further, you can use Facebook's "Add a Button to Your Page" feature in conjunction with your Cover Photo to drive more traffic to your Home Valuation Site. Here's how!

  1. Once you are on your Facebook Business page, select the “Contact Us” button below your Cover Photo. facebook_business.png
  2. Select "Learn more about your business" and select the "Learn More" Select "Next" to proceed.facebook_business_2.png
  1. Select "Website Link" and paste the URL for your Home Valuation Site which can be found in your Buyside Dashboard in the Marketing Suite. facebook_business_3.png
  2. Now that we have the Learn More button set up, we will change our Cover Photo to call your visitors to action! 

Here are two examples to use as your Facebook Business page Cover Photo to drive traffic to your Home Valuation Site:facebook_business_4.png facebook_business_5.png


To use one of these photos: Simply 'right click' on the photo of choice and click "Save As" to a folder that will be easy to find when uploading to Facebook.



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