How to Delete a Buyer

The system will not allow you to "delete" a buyer from the system (this is a fail-safe in case you ever needed to reactivate a buyer).

However, you can "Archive" a buyer. Below is a step by step how-to on archiving a buyer as well as reactivating a buyer if needed.

  1. Select "My Buyers" at the top of your dashboard. delete_a_buyer_1.png
  1. Find the buyer in which you would like to Archive. An Archive button will be to the right of their snapshot profile. Select the “Archive” delete_a_buyer_2.png
  1. This Archived buyer will now live in the "My Inactive Buyers"  They will not be visible to any agents or notify listing agents they match any listings. If you wish to make the buyer Active again, simply click on the corresponding "Activate" button to the right of the snapshot profile.  This would move them to your "My Buyers" tab and regain the functionality and matching capabilities of an Active buyer. delete_a_buyer_3.png
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