How are Default "Areas of Interest" determined?

When you sign into your account for the first time you may notice zip codes and school districts listed under your "Areas of Interest" on your Hotsheet.  These have been automatically added to help jumpstart your Buyside experience.

The system auto-populates "areas of interest" as follows:

Cities and Zip Codes

  • All Zip Codes within a 5-mile radius of your Office's location

School Districts

  • All School Districts within your Office's zip code 

Edit your "Areas of Interest":

Delete unwanted locations: Select the "X" beside the location you would not like to have in your "Area of Interest"
Add a location: Simply click inside the field and being to type the city, zip code, or school district. The system will auto-suggest the area based on what you begin to type. You must select from that suggested list. 

Be sure to select "Update" to save your edits!


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