Most agents might think having a clean, recognizable brand is common sense.  After all, the more a homeowner is reminded who is providing the information and services, the more likely they are to follow up with that person or organization when the time comes to list. 

While most would agree branding is important, not everyone gives it enough attention!

Review below why branding matters, where yours will be on the PercyHome Report and how to update your contact information in Percy.

-   Why Branding Matters
-   Where Your Logo & Contact Information Are Located
-   How to: Update Your Headshot & Contact Info
-   Your Brand & Brokerage (downloadable 1-Pager)

Why Branding Matters

Place yourself in the shoes of a website visitor: 
Scenario 1:  Agent Pages -- If you came across an PercyHome website that appeared to be hosted by an agent, but there was no headshot in the designated headshot circle, would you be inclined to trust this no-name person?  Or would you instead follow-up with another agent whose picture you can actually see? 

Scenario 2:  Organization Pages, Websites and Widgets -- If you didn't know anything about the Real-Estate Industry and started to look for help, you would likely come across several brokerage websites in your research.  If you came across an organization's website and their logo looked blurry or fuzzy and outdated, would you be inclined to stay on their site, or would you head to one that is crisp, clear and easier on the eyes?

Make sure to update your headshot and contact information in Percy!  Let your brand shine!

Where Your Logo & Contact Information Are Located

Your brokerage logo will be located on the top left of the PercyHome Report.  Your headshot and contact information can be found within the top banner that displays the property's address:


Throughout the report, the homeowner (or curious buyer) will have 3 opportunities to contact you:

  1. Below the automated valuation models
  2. Below the Featured Buyers section
  3. At the bottom of the report (seen below)  

Clicking the 'Contact (Name)' tab will prompt an information leave-behind window to appear:


Website visitors can either contact you directly via the information shared at the top of the page, or they can leave the following required pieces of information so that you can respond:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Status (Buyer, Seller, Buyer & Seller, or Broker/Agent)

How to: Update Your Headshot & Contact Info

If you have an agent page, it is critical to ensure your headshot is included and contact information updated.  To make changes, log-in to Percy and hover over your name on the top right.  Then, select 'My Account':


The 'My Account' page hosts a menu on the left.  Use the top two menu options to update your branding:  'Contact Information' & 'My Photo'.  Click 'Update' when done.

Make sure to select which phone number will be publicly displayed!

Your Brand & Brokerage -- 1-Pager (Click here to download)


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