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Displaying Featured Buyers on an PercyHome Report (or BMA) is one of the most powerful statements you can make to a homeowner.  Sure, everyone says that they have buyers ready to purchase.  But with the PercyHome Report or BMA, you can actually show that you have buyers looking for a property just like theirs!

Review below how the Featured Buyers page works + best practice suggestions.

-   Featured Buyers: How it Works
-   Best Practices: Featured Buyers
-   Featured Buyers 1-Pager (downloadable 1-Pager)

Featured Buyers: How it Works

Featured Buyers will appear on an PercyHome Report (or BMA) if:

1.    You have plenty of buyers added to the Percy database
2.   Of those buyers, there are enough that match the criteria of the address entered.   

Criteria used to match properties relies on the buyer's desired:

1.    Location
2.   Price Range
3.   Br/Ba Count (same amount / lower amount+)

If there are only a few matches (or none at all), the Featured Buyers page will not show.  This is by design → Not showing a Featured Buyers page makes for a better presentation than just a couple possible matches (or none at all). 

On PercyHome Reports, a populated Featured Buyers page will look similar to the following:


Best Practices: Featured Buyers

  1. The MOST important thing you can do to produce populated Featured Buyer pages is to add your buyers to Percy! If you don't add them, you will never see a Featured Buyers page.
  2. If you work on a team whose buyers get imported into Percy from a CRM or another system of some kind:  Log in to Percy and review your buyers' information for accuracy after they have been imported.  Add any extra details you know of to enhance their Buyer Profile.
  3. Have earnest conversations with your buyers about their target price ranges and ensure you have some wiggle room -- if you enter your buyers with a flat target price, they will only show up on a Featured Buyers page if the valuation is exactly the same as the flat price.

    Example:  If you enter a buyer with a buying range of 400k - 400k, the only chance they have of appearing on a Featured Buyers page is if the address's valuation is exactly 400k.

Featured Buyers 1-Pager 1-Pager (Click here to download)


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