The PercyHome Report offers a wealth of information for homeowner, agents/brokerages and even lending officers or mortgage consultants.  We've broken down each section for you, describing what is offered and how to speak to it.

Click to jump to a section of interest, or if you prefer, download the full PercyHome Report breakdown in E-Book format and take the tips with you (click here to download).

-  Introduction
-  Branding
-  Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)
-  Property Condition
-  Equity
-  Buyer Heatmap
-  Buyer Activity Funnel
-  Featured Buyers
-  Supply Side Trends
-  Recent Nearby Sales
-  Monthly Updates
-  FAQ
-  The PercyHome Report -- E-Book (download available)

The PercyHome Report -- Introduction 

The PercyHome Report offers homeowners valuable insights while simultaneously empowering agents to become their knowledge broker.  Click here to learn more about what the PercyHome has to offer.

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The PercyHome Report -- Branding

The PercyHome Report was designed so that the agent and brokerage are always top of mind.  Click here to review where your agent information will be located & how to update your contact information.

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The PercyHome Report -- Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

When presented with more than 1, automated valuations models turn into a powerful asset.  They open the door for a conversation on how to accurately price a home.  Click here to learn how multiple automated valuation models empower agents and how to speak about them with homeowners.

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The PercyHome Report -- Property Condition

The Property Condition tool is enhanced to help gather more seller leads!  Click here to learn how the Property Condition tool works to your advantage.

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The PercyHome Report -- Equity

As markets change, homeowners start to get curious about moving.  The first thing that comes to their mind is often "how much equity do I have to work with?"  The PercyHome Report's Equity section puts that information and more at the homeowner's fingertips.  Click here to learn more about the valuable Equity tools on the PercyHome Report and how to speak about them.

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The PercyHome Report -- Buyer Heatmap

The Buyer Heatmap is a great tool to help with pricing discussions.  It also positions the agent as the one in-the-know.  Click here to learn more about how to talk about the Buyer Heatmap.

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The PercyHome Report -- Buyer Activity Funnel

The Buyer Activity Funnel is a terrific display of confidence that you will be able to sell.  It breaks down all online activity related to the home, showing that buyers are out there!  Click here to learn more about what's included in the PercyHome Report's Buyer Activity Funnel.

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The PercyHome Report -- Featured Buyers

If you have the 'Match' feature with Percy, you'll also be able to display on PercyHome Reports that you have buyers ready to purchase!  Click here to learn how the Featured Buyers page is populated.

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The PercyHome Report -- Supply Side Trends

Supply side trends shows all homes sold in the Zip code of the address entered by quarter, regardless of price.  Click here to learn quick tips for talking about Supply Side Trends with a homeowner.

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The PercyHome Report -- Recent Nearby Sales

Every agent fighting for the homeowners listing will have comps ready to discuss.  What really piques a homeowner's interest though?  What their neighbors are doing.  For example -- why did Bill's house sell for less than the neighborhood mean?  Click here to learn tips for talking about the Recent Nearby Sales portion of the PercyHome Report.

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The PercyHome Report -- Monthly Updates

Perhaps the most powerful feature of the PercyHome Report is the most basic -- a monthly subscription option.  This is your "hook" as an agent or brokerage to stay in contact with the homeowner.  It is a minimal effort, high reward feature that keeps the agent and brokerage top of mind.  Click here to learn where the PercyHome Report monthly subscription is located and where their information goes.

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The PercyHome Report -- FAQ

With the wealth of information that is provided, it is easy to understand if you still have some questions.  Click here to review some of the frequently asked questions that the team at Percy has fielded about the PercyHome Report.

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The PercyHome Report -- E-Book

Get the full PercyHome Report breakdown in E-Book format below!  


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