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Property Condition is a topic that every agent should be thrilled to talk about.  Being able to appraise a property by judging its condition is a skill.  Be proud of it! 

Additionally, gauging property condition is something an AVM cannot do. AVM's can't walk the property in person and see the added value from new cabinetry installed last summer.  

Review below how Property Condition is highlighted in the PercyHome Report, and how to 

-   The Property Condition Tool's Design
-   Talking to Homeowners About the Property Condition Tool
-   The PercyHome Report: Property Condition (downloadable 1-pager)

The Property Condition Tool's Design

Everyone wants to claim that their home is in pristine condition, or at least in respectable shape.  Not many would readily admit that their home is in poor condition.  The usual reaction to hearing that your property "Needs Work" is emotional.  It triggers a need to correct the statement.

That's why the PercyHome Report's Property Condition tool is designed to leave the status on "Needs Work" by default.  Proud homeowners will feel the need to correct it.  When they do, they are prompted to verify ownership and confirm their name:


Some homeowners might want to talk to a live person before confirming online.  That's perfectly ok, everyone is different.  That's why the Property Condition tool is strategically placed below a 'Contact (Agent)' tab:


Regardless of the reaction -- emotional or inquisitive -- the Property Condition tool is designed to drive homeowners to contact an agent.

Talking to Homeowners About the Property Condition Tool

If homeowners contact an agent in response to the Property Condition tool, it will likely be with questions about the information provided.  This is a good thing!!! 

That means the tool is working to your benefit and has triggered a conversation.

Use this conversation to your advantage.  Reinforce the idea that an agent is needed to physically walk the property -- in person -- and gauge the true condition of a home. 

Explain that models from public data rely on online information. AVMs cannot walk the halls and see freshly installed crown moulding.  They cannot actually see inside the property, therefore they are not accurate enough to help judge the condition and properly price it.  Rather, that's where (your) expert Realtor services are needed! 

The PercyHome Report: Property Condition (Click here to download)


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