The PercyHome Report: FAQ

With the wealth of features and information available, it’s understandable if you have a few questions. Review some common questions other users have posed below.  If you still need help, please reach out to your Account Manager or contact support at

-   The PercyHome Report: FAQ
-   The PercyHome Report: FAQ (downloadable 2-pager)

The PercyHome Report: FAQ

Question:  Where does a subscribers contact information go after they enter it on the PercyHome?
Answer: ‘My Leads’. Head to your Marketing Suite from Percy’s menu at the top of the screen and select ‘My Leads’.

Question:  Can I subscribe someone on their behalf? I know a few people who want home insights, but they haven’t subscribed yet.
Answer:  Yes! – An advantage of the PercyHome Monthly Report is that it’s a subscription model. Recipients can unsubscribe at any time.

Question:  Can I share my PercyHome on Instagram to attract more subscribers? I shared to FaceBook, but I also have a large audience on Instagram.
Answer:  Yes! – While Instagram makes it difficult to share links, you are allowed to put one in your bio! Add the PercyHome URL to your profile bio.

Question Why does my PercyHome Report only show buyer profiles or IDs some of the time, but not every time?
Answer Buyers must be added to Percy to show up on the Report! – If an address entered does not show a matching buyers page, either:
(1.) Buyers haven’t been added to Percy, or
(2.) You don’t have enough matches to populate the page.
(Point 2 is by design → No page is a better presentation than showing just 0-1 buyers!)

Question:  I don’t see the Equity portion on my site’s PercyHome Reports. Can I add that myself?
Answer:  No, you cannot add the Equity section yourself. This is an add-on feature that your organization would have to purchase from Percy.

Question:  Can I customize the Equity ad to promote our lending officer partners and their services (or our own)?
Answer:  Yes! – The ad customization can be configured with help from the Percy Support. Talk to Percy and we’ll get it set up!

Question Are Buyer ID’s on the Featured Buyers page interactive? As in, can I click the ID to learn more about the buyer, such as their email?
Answer:  No! – All buyer contact information is kept confidential. The only person who can view it is the agent who owns the contact in Percy.

Question:  Are all of the buyer insights and online metrics hosted by Percy? And If not, where does the buyer activity come from?
Answer:  No! Percy pulls from more data sources than anyone on the market. This includes AVMs like Zillow, Real-Estate CRMs like RealScout, and other apps such as ShowingTime for Open Houses. Click the ‘learn more’ link below for a more detailed overview of the PercyHome Report’s data sources.

Still need help?  Please contact support at

The PercyHome Report: FAQ -- 2-Pager (Click here to download)


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