The PercyHome Report: Monthly Updates

Monthly Updates give the homeowner actionable insights. They also provide you – the agent or brokerage – with an easy hook to stay in contact and nurture a new Lead. Read below to learn more about the low-effort, high-reward benefits of acquiring monthly PercyHome Report subscribers.

-   Where to Sign Up
-   Advantages of the Monthly PercyHome Report
-   The PercyHome Report: Monthly Updates (downloadable 1-Pager) 

Where to Sign Up

Homeowners (or curious buyers) can sign up for a monthly PercyHome Report on a property in 2 locations -- at the top of the report, and at the very bottom: 

Monthly Signup at Top of Report:


Monthly Signup at Bottom of Report:


Advantages of the Monthly PercyHome Report

1.   The homeowner gets what they want – property insights.
2.   Each PercyHome Report will be branded to you & your brokerage for recognition. You begin nurturing the seller lead with insights + brand recognition and become their trusted knowledge broker.

If a name is entered for a monthly subscription, you will have a new, mailable Lead in Percy! 

Pro Tip:  Make sure to include them on any contact lists you manage for email & snail-mail efforts. 
Advanced:  For snail mail, you can print out Avery Labels directly from Percy.  Head to ‘My Leads’ in the Marketing Suite and click the 'Avery Labels' tab to produce mailing labels for subscribers:


The PercyHome Report: Monthly Updates 1-Pager
(Click here to download)


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